Arrays and for Loops in JAVA

array loop in java

Arrays and for Loops in JAVA Arrays and for loops in java have something in common. An array consists of a sequence of data, and the for loop executes a statement a number of times in sequence. A stair represents very well this common idea. A stair consists of the …

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Array in JAVA

array in java

Array in java At the post office, we could rent a box in order to receive our letters. There are many other places where we can rent a box: at the bank, in order to store valuables, at the train station, in order to leave a suitcase. Boxes are typically …

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Repetition with Condition( While statement in JAVA )

While statement in JAVA Sometimes we like to go round and round just for fun, like here on a Ferris wheel. And some other times we go round to achieve something or improve something, like here where we try to cut a bar.Going round and round, each time advancing something, …

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