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How to enable hibernate in your windows 10,8

How to enable hibernate in your windows 10

As you know before in windows 7 it was hibernate was enabled by default but what about windows 8 and windows 10 ? is it possible to use it with them ?

YES , after reading this topic you will be able to use it.

but what is hibernate ?

by using this command you can shutdown your computer without need to reopen all folders or files that you already opened before , so we can say its shutdown with save all position (files,folder,softwares,mouse position).

its very useful feature and time-saving as you don’t have to close your open documents and APPS before powering off the system , you can resume your work the next time exactly where you stopped.

If your windows 10 does not contain the hibernate feature so lets add it together :

First open your control panel

then open hardware and sound and from this windows select power option :

Now , after opining power option , please from the right menu click on “choose what the power buttons do”

Great job , in “Shutdown setting” section there is 4 chooses , we will use the third one “Hibernate” and please check it.

well , we done 🙂 , you can open your your start menu to see the Hibernate option

P.S may you need to restart your computer before seeing the new feature


it was before without this function :

Great job , now you can enjoy.

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