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How to fix windows 10 error code 0xc00000f

How to fix windows 10 error code 0xc00000f

Many of people trying to install windows 10 32 but version and the installation is started but in the middle of the installation , they faced blue screen came up or it restarted in the middle.

So what is the reason for error code 0xc00000f?

The error 0xc00000f is related to BCD or boot configuration data of your windows 10 installation file , this could happen because of  bad disk hardware or if you have malicious software on your windows 10 installation.

If its something related to your hard disk , it will be wise to take a proper backup of you HD data , but if its something related to malicious software then it is obvious that you need a good (anit-malware) to get rid of malicious software.

How we can fix ERROR code 0xc00000f in windows 10 ?

You have two methods you can use them to fix 0xc00000f error in windows 10:

Solution 1:Repair your computer using installation media :

This is the first solution that you should do to get rid of the issue , bring the original installation media that you used to install windows 10 before (it can be a USB flash ).
then try to reinstall windows again.

or you can use (reset this PC ) by click on start –> search –> write in the box(reset this PC) then you will see a program can reset your pc with the defult configruaion or you can rest your computer

Solution 2: Using Bootrec.exe tool

How to use Bootrec.exe tool :

1- Restart your PC and boot into the installation media

2- It will ask you to press any key to continue your configuration.

3-Then select System recovery option and select command prompt

4-Write bootrec.exe and press enter:
0xc00000f error

After clicking enter will start building BCD and after its done your PC will be fine.

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