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How to install SQL server step by step – Full installation guide

How to install SQL server step by step

SQL server Management studio(SSMS) is the official client user interface which can be used to manage or configure and administer SQL instance ,and from this tutorial you will start with your first step on your journey to learning SQL Server.

Are you ready ? let’s start !

First of all focuses with me step by step and if you face any issue please don’t hesitate to write comment below.

Microsoft website

Open Windows website to download SQL express edition :

SQL server download

Then after downloading the file from the website , please open install file.

Then click on the right menu installation and click on “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to and existing installation”.

Please click on ” I accept the license terms” and click “Next>”.

Now in this screen , please select “Include SQL Server product updates’” and click next.

P.S if you need further details you can select More information which will take you to the support page.

Here you have to wait and it will redirect you to next screen automatically.

here you have to select “management tools-basic” to be able to manage your databases and also select “SQL client connectivity SDK” and click next…

the installation wizard will check your computer status and give you some result like passed or failed , now if every things is good (passed) you can click “Next” if not please fix the issue and retry again to install SQL server.

Now SQL server Management studio setup will verify your disk space, please make sure you have enough space with your hard disk before start your installation.

If you want to help Microsoft with error reporting please keep the check box enable and click next.

Take a break and make coffee till installation finish 🙂

Congratulation !!! now you learn how to install SQL server step by step

Check your start menu and you will find your installation is ready.

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